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What kind of comedian is Urban Genius Production Services right for?
A comedian who is ready with a well-prepared 30-60 min set. This comedian is ready to take their career to its next level, which includes headlining shows and going on the road. 
Does Urban Genius Comedy ever turn down comedians?
Yes. For various reasons. For example, someone may want their special to include high value Marvel movie level special effects CGI and show them rising from the center of Madison Square Garden stage. This is an example of an unrealistic vision on any of our package budgets. 
How do I know which package is the right package for me?
Urban Genius Comedy Production Services is able to tailor our services to best suit projects of many sizes. During our consultation we can figure which package would be best based on your goals and after assessing where you are in your comedy career, in terms of drawing a crowd. 
What are the next steps in beginning the process with Urban Genius Comedy?
We begin with a consultation, during this consultation we understand what you are hoping to accomplish in terms of production, venue size, and so forth. After the consultation, you would remit payment to engage our production services and preproduction begins. 
What is the anticipated timeline from getting started to delivery or distribution. 
Once a client engages our services, we typically can begin filming within 30-45 days. Delivery or distribution happens 6-8 weeks after filming. 
Can we bring in other producers and production companies?
Yes! We absolutely welcome all collaboration with other producers and production companies. 
Who owns my special and the income that it may create. 
You retain 100% of all ownership of your IP and production. This is a work-for-hire agreement, any and all income you receive from your production (licensing, sales, ticket sales, etc) belongs entirely to you.  
Why do I have to pay in full prior to work beginning?
In a production environment, we will incur costs from equipment to venue rental upfront, once the fee has been received we can then begin work on production. 
Can I make payments in installments?
Yes! The total amount must be paid in full so that preproduction can begin. 
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