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Audio | Podcast


From Talk Comedy to Fictional Dramatic Series, our studio produces high-level audio content with world class talent.

Television &

 Digital Streaming

We develop, produce, and distribute a unique and innovative slate of scripted and unscripted content. Our productions appeal to a global market for distribution on premium subscription networks, digital platforms and major cable and broadcast channel.


From short films to features, our team  works to create and tell stories of all genres that both entertain and inspire hope to audiences around the world. 


We provide industry wide services including music content creation, production, composition, promotion, distribution and label services in all areas of music.


In addition to producing original music and third party content for our motion picture and television properties, we will continue to partner with other film, television, brand and commercial media companies to provide numerous music solutions and label services.


We help brands create  engaging content along with a distribution strategy to reach the widest audience.


Our development team works closely with your brand's creative and executive team to ensure that the creative process stays on budget, on schedule and on brand. 

Our Mission

"We are a home for the most imaginative creators and filmmakers. We tell unique stories from diverse and urban point of views that reflect cultures of people around the world.


Our goal is to tell stories and create content that will challenge preconceived notions and beliefs. Our stories and content often evokes emotions and inspires imaginations, while reminding us of the humanity in the world around us."                                                   

                                           -Jaron Marquis, CEO


What We Do

Urban Genius Logo A.png


We design and develop video game titles for all ages. 

Stand-Up Comedy Production

We produce stand-up comedy for some of the best new comics. 

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